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Love Birds Embroidery Machine Designs

Love Birds Machine Embroidery Designs
14 Designs
36th in the Quilt in a Set Series
5 Each for the 4x4 and 5x7 Hoop and 4 Crazy Quilt Designs for the 5x5 Hoop

Digitized by Heidi

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Comments about this set from the forums (updated every half hour on the half hour):


Love the set! However, there is a problem with Lovebird 1 4x4. Lovebird 2 is interfaced with Lovebird 1 in both pes and jef. Have not checked other formats. Please let me know when fixed. Thanks :)
[FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]The best way to report a problem is to put in a support ticket - tell them as much as you can about [SIZE=4]what has happe[SIZE=4]ned[/SIZE][/SIZE] so that they can look into it for you. :)[/SIZE][/FONT] [url][/url]
I wonder if the problem was fixed with these cute crazy blocks. I want to use them.
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Love Birds Embroidery Machine Design Details

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