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Site News and Changes

Should we get into the clipart for digitizers business?
I was thinking I should start a clipart for sale section on the site. Simply put, sell the clipart for others to digitize designs to sell further. I was thinking of allowing ...

Search by keyword and search design sets now includes Katiedo collection
Search by keyword and search design sets now includes Katiedo collection, still have to do search singles designs. Please test and let me know of problems by replying here. ...

Categorization of Katiedo collection now live. Categorize for points for free designs
Categorization of Katiedo collection now live. Categorize for points for free designs! ...

Top VIP downloads for past month has broken images.
Top VIP downloads for past month has broken images: These broken images are in fact the first (I gotta fix) problems as the Katiedo.com collection is assimilated, but cool thing is...

KatieDo Embroidery Collection now public - Make money converting to art
Haven't sent a newsletter out yet about the katiedo collection, but it is on every page now. All PES and VP3 are online, I'm working on code to convert with embird. I NEED some ...

KatieDo Embroidery Collection available for testing
Please find the KatieDo collection at: http://www.designsbysick.com/katiedo/ Looking for feedback, duplicated sets, broken things. VIP members only. ...

Thanks and like disabled temporarly in forums
Due to performance problems with Google and Bing indexing the forums I am forced to turn off the thank you' s and likes of posts. I need to find a better solution, probably move ...

DesignsBySiCK goes to https ssl secure
Although payment information was always in SSL, the entire site will now be using https://www.designsbysick.com (extra S in there). This is to fix the problems people have been h...

Links to off site machine embroidery sites - OK! Points for posts?
I heard through the grape vine that people are reluctant to post links to other sites. I say it's okay, BUT, I don't want to hear about people doing self promotion without contac...

Articles return?
I fixed up the articles part of the site a bit, still some tweaking to do still, but it looks 3000 times better than it did yesterday. Looks like Rob wants to get into the newsle...

Points for finding hourly hunt disabled.
Points for hunt has been disabled due to a error creating multiple points for finding same hunt I will try to find a solution. Hard when you don't know what the problem is. I t...

New Forum Topics

SiCK: American Animals Machine Embroidery Designs
30 Designs 10 Each for the 4x4 5x7 and 6x6 Hoops See the set ...

hugwitch: Hugwitch
Hi everyone, I'm new to machine embroidery, but love the designs i've gotten from this site. If anyone can give me any tips or advise all would be welcome. I have a Brother Innovis...

jleedc: Security for placing orders????
I have been trying to sign up for a VIP membership. I am not getting the secure website of HTTPS only the http: My credit card will not go through because of the insecure site. ...

Shastasmom: Difference between Auto digitizing and Manual digitizng
LynniePennie put together a great article with pictures about auto digitizing and manual digitizing. From her article, manual digitizing is the only way to go. Please take a moment...

StichinChicks: Hello from Dallas
Hi Everyone, I am doing embroidery work from 20 years. I and my partner are doing together. We own our company "Stitchin Chicks Embroidery". Here we experiment with our ...

tnc141990: Tranh Thu TNC Viet Nam Hand Embroidery
This is my TNC shop's Hand embroidery paintings. Very difficult to implement and high level. Completely hand-made by traditional Vietnamese artisans Enjoy and feeling ...

PamelaH: Lots of Ideas
Native American patterns and designs FSL Feathers Dream Catchers Eagle feathers Hawk Feathers Hnefatalf Game Board and pieces Monopoly Game Board and pieces Checkerboard an...

Shastasmom: Blessing Lace Dress and matching Bonnet
patterns and instructions are free at http://seekatesew.com/lace-bonnet-tutorial/ http://seekatesew.com/lace-bonnet-tutorial/ ...

pastergirl3: color chart conversion software
When I download new designs in a zip file, the colors are often changed after extraction. I use PES files formy Brother Dream machine. It drives me crazy to find a blue dog for ...

pastergirl3: Waiting for invoice.
It's been about a month andI am still waiting for an invoice for the balance to be paid on a lifetime membership. Email responses are slow and the invoice is still not here. i am...

PamHess: More Purses
I made these purses in the last few weeks. I might have posted a picture of the large fall purse already but the small coin purse is new. The large purse designs are from Pickle ...

eyeztodiefor10: Quilts for my grandsons
I just finished these two quilts for my grandsons. The spiderman is for the 8 year old and the one for the 11 yr old is made from all his sports clothes and favorite shirts since h...

SiCK: Swirly Girls Quilt Blocks Machine Embroidery Designs
30 Designs 10 each fit the 5x5 6x6 and 7x7 Hoops See the set ...

SiCK: Tropical Designs Machine Embroidery Designs
10 Designs All Fit the 4x4 Hoop See the set ...

SiCK: Coffee Cup Pieced Quilt Blocks Machine Embroidery Designs
8 Designs 4 fit the 4x4 hoop 2 fit the 5x5 hoop and 1 each fit the 6x6 and 8x8 hoops See the set ...

Shastasmom: The Craft Patch 18" Doll Knit Dress Pattern
For all of you who make clothing for 18" doll, here is a basic knit dress pattern http://www.thecraftpatchblog.com/201...l#.Vmmh5UorKUm ...

SiCK: Colorline Owls Machine Embroidery Designs
20 Designs 10 Each for the 4x4 and 5x7 Hoops See the set ...

SayVion2017: PE770
I have a PE770 and everytime I go to embroider anything my needle ALWAYS BREAK! Can anybody tell me how to fix this? I have emailed Brother about the issue but no response. SO PLEA...

Abbey35215: Owl bookmarks
I would love to ask others to vote for 3 under Owl Bookmarks. I have a Galfriend whose Grand daughter is having a rough time right now. She has always said reading was her escape...

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