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02:56:10 AMcatlynngood morning everyone
02:56:33 AMcatlynnplease vote for the next 1 on the sick daily wishlist babymilestonemonths_09
02:56:46 AMcatlynnthanks in advance for your votes
07:30:18 AMmethusillaGood morning everyone. Looks like we're in for rain showers today. Cool and cloudy.
08:52:59 AMShastasmomGood morning everyone. Snow of yesterday is all melted and rain today.
08:54:05 AMGodetia33Easter Train Alphabet PQ at WW
08:54:40 AMGodetia33Get well Soon I at Stitch Delight usual places
08:55:32 AMGodetia33with faith there is hope at ohmycs
08:56:32 AMGodetia33Bunny Stuffie ITH & Hustle for that Muscle are new freebies at Apex Emb Designs
09:00:02 AMShastasmomEstival Font U at www.amazingembroiderydesi...
09:01:52 AMShastasmomPlease vote for Family Tree Font B and Christmas Flavor L at www.amazingembroiderydesi...
09:04:49 AMGodetia33Secret Garden X, Alphabet One B and face masks at All Sew Crafty
09:12:30 AMGodetia33Easter Train N O free at WW too
09:23:41 AMShastasmomAlice at Embroidery-Allsorts said the following; The FSL Angel will be available until midnight on the 8th April, then the Centaur & Pan will start again from the A along with the maxine font and the centaur & Pan Designs.
09:25:20 AMcatlynndon't forget its 3 letters from WW til end of wk
09:25:45 AMcatlynn@Godetia33 oh I see you did it in 2 posts
09:26:14 AMGodetia33@catlynn I only posted 2, then had to add the others, argh
09:26:38 AMGodetia33@catlynn wonder if she wlli reply to your post?
09:28:04 AMcatlynni doubt it, notice that she doesn't use her name on the posts but acts like it is the whole group responding
09:30:34 AMShastasmomChicken X at
09:30:55 AMGodetia33yeah, what's up with that? I always want to ask what her name is.
09:31:57 AMcatlynnI also notice she isn't pushing for votes from amazing on this site which is good, I am glad we are getting some off our list
09:32:40 AMcatlynnI voted for the estival font C this morning, it has always been right there so thought it was on our list, oh well, if it gets in I am sure others will be happy
09:34:41 AMShastasmomEaster Bunny stuffie at
09:39:17 AMShastasmomI want to thank everyone that votes at Amazing Embroidery Designs for helping us get the missed Embossed Flower Font letters and Estival Font letters. I love seeing the list go down.
09:43:10 AMGodetia33Check your Easter Train N it might not have .pes, you can redl if you need .pes
09:47:38 AMcatlynn@Shastasmom I like seeing the list go down too, its too bad the cute list didn't go down as well. Our amazing list isn't as big as it
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