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02:45:54 AMcatlynngood morning everyone
02:46:19 AMcatlynnHappy Independence day to our friends in the US
02:46:45 AMcatlynnplease vote for the next 1 on the sick daily wishlist eastermonkeys_005_4x4
02:46:55 AMcatlynnthanks in advance for your votes
06:36:30 AMCovetReceived my wish today, thank you everyone.
07:58:56 AMmethusillaGood morning! Happy 4th of July to all our American friends. Have a great day and stay safe.
08:25:24 AMBrenda PetersonHint for this hunt please
08:29:31 AMGodetia33@Brenda Peterson opens a lock
08:30:32 AMBrenda PetersonGodetia33, thanks for the hint.
08:33:09 AMMartieHappy Independence Day to all in the USA. Have a safe holiday.
08:35:12 AMGodetia33@Brenda Peterson yw
08:35:26 AMjofrog2000@nigelboy That is my grandson's cat, Jet! Woodwork in my house will never be the same, even with multiple scratching posts. Cute just doesn't cut it any more.
08:41:11 AMGodetia33Violet S at Stitch Delight email & fB
08:41:53 AMGodetia33new freebie at EmbroideryDK
08:42:59 AMGodetia33Wine is Like Duct Tape it Fixes Everything at OHMYCS
08:48:00 AMShastasmomGood Morning everyone. Happy 4th of July to all.
08:58:12 AMShastasmomHappy Easter Font H at www.amazingembroiderydesi...
08:58:16 AMShastasmomPlease vote for Happy Easter Font I through Z at www.amazingembroiderydesi...
08:59:49 AMShastasmomGod Bless America bling-sass-sparkle.myshop...?
09:04:04 AMGodetia33It's Caturday at Goldilocks Designs fB
09:28:06 AMShastasmomCaterpillar b at
09:57:49 AMShastasmomWatermelon E at
09:57:56 AMShastasmomPlease vote for Cute Watermelon Font F through Z at
10:04:37 AMShastasmomPinocchio Font, Pinocchio and Angel Wing Font L at www.embroidery-allsorts.c...
10:37:54 AMblsGood morning all
10:44:00 AMShastasmomPearl Border Alphabet G at www.soniashowalterdesigns...
11:06:39 AMZanHappy 4th of July!
11:10:26 AMbrendaleaGood morning all. Happy 4th of July to all of you. Stay safe
11:27:03 AMGeorgiannaHappy 4th O July to all
11:33:19 AMQueenBettyHappy 4th of July to my neighbours to the south from Canada!
12:08:30 PMElemy best wishes as well to USA keep safe
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