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    MyThreadBox Thread Conversion Software

    Finally! Find and convert your thread color numbers between different manufactures, quickly and easily.

    Free yourself from your manufacture's threads

    Free updates of existing charts.

    Now includes DesignsBySiCK.com thread numbers and colors!

    1. Eliminate the need for color cards and charts
    2. Matches to and from all major Rayon and Poly lines (industrial and home)
    3. Color match to and from 70+ major thread palettes
    4. Visual color chips on screen
    5. Finds closest colors and tell your how close the colors are
    6. Custom colors from windows color control
    7. Uses digital color value matching instead of 'eyeball' comparison
    8. Matches DMC and Anchor Floss to spool thread
    9. Matches Pantone standard process solid colors
    10. Shows and prints shopping list
    11. Color match percentage (tolerance) shown and ranked
    12. Custom colors from windows color control
    13. User definable match tolerance settings
    14. Ability to include or exclude palettes from comparison
    15. Updateable when new palettes and colors released for free!
    16. User thread database (MyStash) including qty on hand and location
    17. Ability to search stash by name
    18. Save color conversions for future use - search by design name
    19. User definable screen colors
    20. Matches against user database and indicates on shopping list which matches are in user database
    21. Printed listing of user database by palette or all
    22. Exports design thread colors to Embird
    23. Help file

    Click the image to enlarge

    These are the thread types you can convert to (notice the DesignsBySiCK type for our 50 thread kits!), we selected DesignBySiCK threads to convert to:

    Below we searched for Brother thread color #800 red:

    and were told that Brother red is closest to DesignsBySiCK red thread #2015 by 8% and the next closest is DesignsBySiCK Fire thread #2152 by 14%. You can select more types of threads to convert to. As many as you own or wish to purchase!

    Here we popped up a color picker and searched for red:

    and again were told that the screen color red is closest to DesignsBySiCK red by 8% and the next closest is DesignsBySiCK Fire by 14%.

    You can also pick what type of lighting the end stitch out will be so you can get the most accurate color for that environment:

    There are many more options available, including "My Stash" to inventory your threads and have the program choose the thread # of what you have on hand! It can also tell you what to order and dozens of other things!

    Available for worldwide shipping from EmbroideryPassion.com

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